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This agent was removed from continuity by his author.

Jonathan Rosedale, most commonly known only by his surname, is an agent in the Building Maintenance section of the Department of Operations. He is written by JulyFlame.

He is currently the oldest and longest working member of Building Maintenance and excepting the field of electrical work, is probably the most skilled overall. Rosedale serves as one of the BM's nominal group leaders, along with Denny Robbs, besides being BM's foreman.

It also turns out that besides being been around for a long time in general, Rosedale was one of the earlier human agents to become part of Infrastructure, having been one of the very first humans to take over from the Weeds the maintenance of HQ.

He has a family in World One.

During the Macrovirus Epidemic he helped deploy TARDISes to agents in the field.