Jof is an Enderman agent in the Department of Operations. Jof is a cafeteria worker, and is partnered with Mohan and Lyn. He is written by Vixenmage. He is not a free-for-use agent, and thus writers wishing to work with him should ask permission from his author first. Please and thank you.

Character Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Jof is an Enderman from the Minecraft canon, 1.8 era. Thus, he is fairly tall—seven to eight feet or so, and slender, in a cubic sort of way. He's black with dark gray patches, and had the Cafeteria patch put onto his texture, just so agents who played Minecraft would stop freaking out when they saw him in the hallways.

Origin Edit

He was transported into the PPC by various overlapping of the Ironic Overpower, timey-wimey issues, portaling technology, and his own devious powers. Despite the fact that he bursts into flame on contact with water, can only manipulate items in the form of a perfect cube (they're working on it), and currently only speaks Ender (and a handful of Finnish swears, for some reason), the Flowers put him in the Cafeteria—their reasoning can be summed up best as "You idiots got him here, you can deal with him."

Personality Edit

Jof, being at best a bit character or faceless mob in his home canon, is still adjusting to having a personality at all, but he's adjusting well. He has a strong aversion to making eye contact with anyone, and a strong aversion to looking away once eye contact has been established... but thanks to FicPsych, he no longer goes homicidal on the occasion. He's growing a sense of humor, and dislikes drama and tension—he has been known to simply walk away in the face of rising tempers, leaving both of his partners with a sudden "Oh, crap, our partner's lost again," instead of their former quarrel; this may or may not be intentional.


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