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Agent Jodi is fourteen. She has bright red hair, blue eyes, and a nauseating tendency to wear clothing in multiple, clashing shades of tie-dye with her uniform. She is a were-smilodon, though what universe she's from is unknown, with no special powers besides shape shifting. She's tall and a lot heavier than she looks, presumably because even though she is actually the earliest and smallest species of smilodon she still weighs 150 lbs. changed, and the amount of mass that mysteriously disappears is between not much and nothing. Also notable is that she does not consider herself human, and hence, in her opinion, eating even regular humans is not actually cannibalism, much less Sues.

Her species of smilodon, Smilodon gracilis, has been extinct for 500,000 years; the behavior of the cats is unknown and so there's no way to tell what's just her human personality and what's the influence of her other form. She loves what she refers to as her pack mates whether she shows it or not and anyone who hurts one of them is going to end up dead and quite possibly digested.

She was recruited and went through Basic Training without incident, and spent her first week wandering around the Library, waiting for a partner. How she escaped immediate assignment is unknown.

As for her personality, she's commonly described as perky, or occasionally "you glod-damned annoying creature give me back my pillow let me sleep." She isn't so much a morning person as someone who doesn't see the point in sleeping for eight hours without break at a constant time of day. This may be attributed to her being half cat. Her homicidal leanings tend to unnerve people who have only previously seen her acting like an annoying, cheerful teenager. She also prefers to sleep on the floor, in cat form.

She is partnered with Agent Nadine.

Mission Reports

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Partnered with Nadine

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