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Jill is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by insanegrrl.

She was recruited by Agent X around mid-2007 HST, from a terrible Suefic. The daughter of Legolas and a canon-warping Sue, Jill was a standard werewolf and ridiculously good at projectile weapons due to an annoying tendency of her mother to believe that skill in archery was a genetic trait of elves. At the time of her recruiting, she was preparing to overthrow her mother, the "High Queen of Mirkwood," when Agent X burst in and shot the Sue through the throat with a crossbow.

She was placed with Agent Tycho for only a week when Tycho, a very young recruit, promptly became insane after reading "Celebrian" for a dare. Jill then went through several more partners, including a mysterious figure known only as the "Quintessential Phan." She went unassigned for a time, in an effort by the Flowers to keep most of their new recruits sane, before being partnered with Redd.

She is blond with stereotypical blue-green (or "an briliant sintilating mix of saphire and ermlad") eyes and enjoys wearing trenchcoats.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 1427: The Realm of Manx and Shadow

Partnered with Redd[]