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Jessie Lancaster joined the DMS in June 2001.

Agent Profile[]


Jessie comes from World One, and chose to join the PPC after some trouble at university which made her decide that it wasn't for her. She was immediately partnered with Luke Celinus, on the basis that he wouldn't hit on her. For the most part, she kept to the background as much as possible, avoiding attention from others. It became apparent rather quickly, however, that she had problems with her self-image and a strong aversion to men making moves on her, though the reason for this has not been disclosed.

In 2004, she met Emma Kaylan, and the two quickly grew close. This relationship seemed to help Jessie a lot, making her far more relaxed and less likely to lash out at the slightest provocation. The young woman regarded Emma as her better half, and confided in her absolutely.

Sadly, during the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion, Jessie suffered a double blow: an injury during the fighting almost severed her spinal cord, leaving her legs paralysed; and not long after she woke up in Medical, she received the news that Emma had been killed during the fighting. Driven almost to the brink of giving up, it was only her partner Luke's insistence that Emma would have wanted her to survive that allowed Jessie to pull through. Thanks in no small part to the advanced technology of Medical, she was able to walk again three months later and returned to active duty immediately, where she remains to this day.


Jessie is rather slim, though not exactly skinny. She is about 5'7", with red hair roughly chopped off at the shoulders and blue-ish eyes. Her face, arms and back are covered in freckles, and she has a slightly mischievous expression.


She lives up to the stereotype of a redhead, having a temper that flares up at the slightest provocation. Her partner tends to be one of the things that annoys her the most. Around her friends, however, Jessie is affectionate and talkative. Her mood has undergone a remarkable uphill curve since beginning a relationship with Allira Nima, a Twi'lek Finance worker.