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Jeannine Guiles is a badfic-recruited human formerly stationed in the Department of Mary Sues, partnered with Orken 7861. She currently resides in the Department of Fictional Psychology, due to badfic-spawned insanity.

Agent Profile[]


Jeannine was recruited from a badfic of unknown canon and partnered with Orken 7861 for an unknown length of time. (The same mysterious error that claimed all records of his missions before spring of 2011 affected hers as well.) She went insane during a mission in late spring of 2010.


Jeannine has black hair and pale skin and tends to dress in black, because according to her, that's what everyone in the badfic she came from looked like. She is youngish, and of medium height.


Jeannine enjoyed teasing Orken, and was usually upbeat. She was also highly sarcastic during missions, and would sometimes sing mocking little songs about what was happening. (It should be noted that her singing a modified rendition of the first three lines of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was not cause for concern on the mission where she ultimately went insane.)

After going insane while on a mission, she began ranting about various issues contemporaries had with United States Secretaries of State, including, but not limited to, John Jay, William Seward, and John Marshall. She seems to have associated canon characters with former Secretaries of State as well, referring to Gibbs as Thomas Jefferson. The reason for this is currently unknown.

She is, or was, a fan of NCIS, Stargate SG-1, Harry Potter, and 1984.