Thieving overprotective humanitarian philanthropist asshole messiah.

Jean Valjean is, if not the main character of Les Misérables, certainly the thread that binds all its countless sub-plots together.

Character HistoryEdit

Valjean was a poor man who stole a loaf of bread to save his sister's family. He was put in jail, where he would have served five years for robbery, were it not for his nasty habit of escaping and being stuck back in, which brought his time up to nineteen years. Rehabilitated by a kind Bishop, he befriends a dying prostitute, Fantine, and adopts her daughter Cosette, whom he dotes on. Inspector Javert chases him around a lot.

He's the same in the musical, except he gets along better with Marius there.

In BadficEdit

He's either slashed with Javert or he's a dirty old man who wants to molest Cosette. The latter type is almost certainly an Imposter!Stu and should thus be terminated.

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