A Mary Sue in the PPC? Surely not! On one occasion, nonetheless, the daughter of Jay and Acacia – yes, the Jay and Acacia – came waltzing into the PPC, eager for partial treatment. She was the best Sue-killer in all the land, the Flowers loved her, and she was sweet and adorable. Unfortunately, the beloved Jaycacia ran into the real Protectors, who were not amused. Jaycacia ended up just another stain on the floor of the PPC Cafeteria.

Jaycacia first appeared in "The Daughter of Jay and Acacia" by Huinesoron. (And, just in case the author being a highly respected PPCer didn't tip you off, now is probably a good time to tell you that Jaycacia is a joke.)

The Jaycaciaverse Edit

As a Mary Sue, Jaycacia did not, of course, stay dead. Her original story has spawned a series, continuing in the same vein as the original. There are also other stories set in the same loosely-defined version of the PPC, which share characters (though not necessarily their interpretations – this is badfic, after all). Unfortunately, the links to her stories are currently unavailable.

Known Jaycaciaverse Stories Edit

The Jaycacia Thornbyrd Series Edit

The Jaycacia Thornbyrd series is the main Jaycacia series. They were written by Huinesoron, mostly under the PPC Badfic Game pseudonym JayBird.

The Aurora E. Lorra Series Edit

The Aurora E. Lorra series features a brand-new Sue, but contains mentions of Jaycacia. Aurora makes an appearance in the Jaycacia story "A Morning of Mourning." It is written by Neshomeh, under the Badfic Game pseudonym brandywine_baby89.

Other Stories Edit

A number of other stories have been set in the Jaycaciaverse.

Other Links Edit

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