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Jason Harris is a PPC agent in the Department of Floaters.


Jason grew up in a middle-class suburban neighborhood. With a family that expected him to work hard, achieve a great deal, and become a doctor or possibly a lawyer, it was no wonder that Jason became an expert at slacking off. A solid "C" student at the age of eighteen, Jason had no desire to attend college. To get his father off his back, he answered a want ad for "Janitor. No experience needed," and found himself whisked out of his home continuum and into the confusing maze of HQ, where the Janitorial Division explained that they needed someone other than a hallucinogenic plant to clean FicPsych. Five years later, Jason is technically a veteran agent, though only if the definition of "veteran" includes "knows fifteen ways to clean Sue blood off Generic Surface" and "good at hiding in janitor's closets during fangirl stampedes."


Jason is calm, easygoing, and not given to long speeches. He may be one of the sanest agents in the PPC, probably because he has never been in the field, exposed to the horrors of badfic. Over the years he has become familiar with many of FicPsych's frequent fliers, and while he does tend to get sarcastic in order to deal with the abuses he witnesses, he has a great deal of compassion for the canons. When he can, Jason will try to get out of work; but in general, he likes his job as a janitor and views the PPC as an escape from his overly demanding family. Unfortunately, Jason has gotten comfortable as a janitor, and we all know what happens when a PPC agent gets comfortable...


Jason has gotten good at cleaning over the years and has learned to navigate HQ as well as any non-Flower can expect to learn. He's a decent cook, though he doesn't have a chance to practice much, and often toys with the idea of opening a diner.


His weapon of choice is a tranquilizer gun or a hand crossbow with sleeping poison darts; with these he is newly trained and still not very good. If forced into melee, Jason tends to resort to the "hit them with whatever heavy object I can grab" strategy.


Jason has light blonde hair and blue eyes. He is relatively tall and thin, and in his mid-twenties. He favors jeans and sweatshirts over the PPC uniform and can often be seen with his flash patch pinned to his civilian clothes.

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