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Jasmine Sims, born Jasmine Illian, is the daughter of Dafydd Illian and Constance Sims. She is written by Huinesoron.


Before the Black Cats[]

Jasmine was born in the year 2009 HST, and grew up in her parents' home in Malij. In 2029, she encountered an AI in the PPC's computer systems, who suggested she travel back in time to influence the outcome of the Black Cats' invasion. This she did the following year.

Crashing Down[]

Jasmine arrived in the year 2003 and joined the Black Cats. She became a member of the Scout Division, under the leadership of Durran Mkellin, and eventually rose to second-in-command. In 2006 she participated in the invasion of Headquarters, including the attempted assassinations of Hornbeam and the Sunflower Official; both of these failed. She saved Mkellin's life on a number of occasions, which allowed him to break away from the Black Cats, which the AI had told Jasmine would lead to their defeat. During the Scouts' final stand in the Cafeteria she was present at the death of Vemi Fincaran, and escaped through time with Mkellin's body. She is the only known survivor of the Scout Division and, along with Ontic Laison, the only Black Cat in general known to have survived the invasion.

Later Life[]

Jasmine is the mother of Durran Illian, Mkellin's son.