Agent Jarre Jarre Hastursen was an assassin in the Wizard of Oz Division.

At one point, she was in the Department of Floaters, working with Agent Iskillion. She was transferred to Mary Sues and partnered with Agent Stoneship.


As early as August 2006, HST, she believed herself to be U. N. Owen from Ten Little Indians. In December, she lured nine canons to a continuum she'd written and killed them and herself.

She made a recording like Owen's, and referenced a Mary Sue she and Stoneship had killed:

  • Alloran-Semitur-Corass, that in 1969 you killed millions of Hork-Bajir.
  • Bellik Casimir, that you vaporized everyone on board the Aliki and the Pride of Lions.
  • CC-5052, that in 19 BBY you murdered Aayla Secura.
  • Gehn son of Aitrus, that between 1762 and 1807 you slaughtered many Rivenese.
  • Lord Glozelle, that in 2303 Narnia Time, you assassinated Miraz.
  • Jarre Jarre Hastursen, that on May 24, 1913, you brutally killed Sunlight Moonbeam Starsong Gale.
  • Makalaurë Canafinwë, that in I-505, you murdered Dior Eluchil.
  • Malia, that in 2373, you murdered Taymon.
  • Peter Pettigrew, that on June 24, 1994, you killed Cedric Diggory.
  • Alexis Poindexter, that on November 17, 1877, you were responsible for the death of John Wellington Wells.

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