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Jane Doe is a PPC agent in the Department of Floaters.


Jane was originally a Random Dwarf whose purpose was to be rescued from a dragon by a Mary Sue in a Lord of the Rings Suefic. The agents would have left her to be reassimilated into canon, except that the dragon had been described as a "Great Dragon" in a world set just after the War of the Ring. Jane fell through the resulting temporal distortion-created plothole into Moria in the second age of Middle-earth, where such a dragon might have plausibly existed. After killing the Sue, the agents had to chase down the misplaced dwarf. Without enough charges to kill her, they recruited her instead.


Written without any personality other than a very sensible fear of dragons, Jane is still figuring out who she is. Her reaction to becoming a PPC agent has been to try to understand her duties as fully as possible; she may be the only agent to have voluntarily studied the PPC manual. During her time in observation at FicPsych, she developed a taste for coffee.

She adopted the name "Jane Doe" because a nurse called her by that name, and as she had none of her own, she figured Jane Doe was as good as any other.


She is reasonably intelligent and has some mechanical aptitude, but has no experience with modern technology. She speaks Westron and Khuzdul, and still requires a Universal Translator to understand English.


Jane is competent with most Middle-earth weapons, but prefers her set of three throwing axes.


Brown hair, brown eyes, short, and stocky, Jane is the definition of Generic Dwarf. Unfortunately, her beard seems to be unable to make up its mind whether to exist or not.

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