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James Pittman is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues Video Game Division. He was created by PoorCynic.


James is 6' even and African-American. He has short black hair and a thick muttonchop mustache, both of which are flecked with grey. He favors clothes that look Western in nature, including a black duster and a battered Stetson hat. The only exception to this seems to be his casual and exercise wear, which look normal apart from having the XCOM seal on them.


It takes a lot to rattle James. Even face to face with a Mary Sue or Marty Stu, he doesn't typically lose his cool. He is quiet by nature, but will engage in a bit of banter with those he knows or trusts very well. He's not a complete loner, but he does value his quiet and privacy.

James lives for the mission and is willing to take wild risks to bring it to completion. He'll complain about doing so, but in truth he enjoys it. He also has a strong sense of justice and dislikes those who openly flaunt the law.

James takes a lot of pride in being a Texan, but not to the point where he goes off the handle if someone insults his native state. He just dismisses the individual as being a loudmouth looking for trouble. That definition often includes his partner Laura Dukes, as she does her best to rile him up whenever she can.

Agent History[]

James was a Texas Ranger in his home continuum for several years before getting recruited by XCOM. He served with distinction, rising to the rank of lieutenant before falling into the PPC through a plothole in late 2012 HST. Upon learning of the PPC's mission and goals, he immediately volunteered his services. He was assigned to the Video Game Division of the DMS and partnered up with Laura Dukes, who had just finished recuperating from receiving her cybernetic replacement arm and eye.

He participated in both the third and fourth PPC Hunger Games, placing 21st and 34th respectively.

General Timeline[]


  • Falls into the PPC and is assigned to the DMS Video Game Division



Mission Reports[]

The following reports are not necessarily in chronological order. If you want to read the missions as they occurred, please consult the above timeline.

With Laura Dukes[]

  • "FNGs and Vets" (interlude)
    • Danny Richardson sets straight a group of new PPC recruits.