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James Bond may refer either to the AU of the Real World invented by Ian Fleming and centering around the espionage activities of the MI6 agent James Bond, or to said character himself.

The canon comprises twelve novels, two short story collections and twenty-one official films (and several non-official films, too). Plotlines generally centre around Bond being pitted against some mysterious supervillain. Both Bond and the villain will employ interestingly created technology and extremely attractive young women, and they will exchange pithy banter and witty badinage as they chase each other around in fast, expensive vehicles. Bond will sleep with at least one of the attractive young women in the course of the adventure (whether or not she is evil is not, apparently, a factor in deciding which one).

In this continuum, MI6 officials have one-letter code names; for instance, Bond's superior is M. Bond's codename is 007; having 'double 0' status means he has a 'license to kill'.

James Bond is responsible for numerous witty catchphrases and lines that get quoted frequently, the most famous of which is, of course, 'Bond. James Bond,' although 'shaken, not stirred' is a close second. Of note, Bond actually drinks far more whiskey than any other drink.

James Bond and the PPC[]

It is worth noting that PPC agents are not in any way affiliated with MI6, and even though they have a license to kill, it is only to kill badly written characters, and thus PPC agents should not give themselves 00 numbers or order martinis, shaken OR stirred, in the Cafeteria.

Bleeptinis are permitted, however.

Agent Alec Trevelyan is a clone of the GoldenEye villain of the same name, from a crossover with Stargate SG-1.