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An older picture of Jacob.

Jacob Sullivan is an agent in the Department of Internal Affairs.

Agent Profile[]


Jacob doesn't look very threatening at first. He's tall, at about six foot even, but not terribly muscular in build, and while he does have an athletic figure his clothing choices — mostly sharp, well-fitting clothes, long coats and DIA-issue body armour — don't emphasise it much. Jacob could almost be said to be slightly androgynous; his black hair is rather long, and tied back in a ponytail, while he has softer features than one might expect. While these things are often considered attractive back home, it does occasionally make him seem vaguely feminine. Despite this, he isn't one to be underestimated; a life of athletics and hard physical training has given him a fighter's build, sleek and powerful, and he is much stronger than he looks.


Jacob carries himself with the confidence of someone used to authority. He's seen a lot of what HQ has to offer, and goes with the flow as best he can, always ready with an easy smile or friendly word. Jacob has never put much stock in his nobility; he isn't the heir, so he figures he really doesn't have to worry about the title or all the political responsibilities it holds. He's much happier with more direct public service, and is a dedicated officer who takes his duty as protector of HQ and the agents of the PPC very seriously. To most, he's polite and friendly, keeping a sense of humour and going out of his way to check on people's well-being, though he's as prone to annoyance or frustration as any person. He generally does what he can to get on with people, and especially enjoys female company, but there are a few things he gets shifty about, namely questions about his past with the PPC. PPC history in general seems to be an uncomfortable subject for him, at least with those he doesn't know well, and he'll usually do what he can to change the topic if it comes up.


Jacob, despite his species and name, doesn't come from any version of Earth out there. His is an entirely different world, where he and his family are high-ranking members of their home country's nobility. This world is slightly more advanced than World One, and Jacob returns frequently on holidays, but he doesn't talk about it much to those he doesn't know well. In terms of the PPC, Jacob has been around a long time; in 1993 HST, his elder brother, Roger Sullivan, recruited him during one such trip home. Over the years, Jacob has developed into a highly skilled and experienced agent, and a veteran police officer. However, he rarely, if ever, talks about his time as an agent or how he picked up all these skills. There are very good reasons for this.