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Jack Riggs is a 30-year-old hunter from the Supernatural 'verse. Quite what he did to deserve being stuck with the Detective for a partner has not yet been made clear. Its severity, however, has, through its consequence. Namely, the Detective's every action since they were partnered together.


He came to the PPC at 19, while hunting a djinn, a creature which drains the life force from its victims while keeping them trapped in a world of illusion. Part of him is convinced he's still there, but Jack, being a practical fellow, isn't particularly concerned about questioning the validity of his reality, as it doesn't affect his ability to do his job. The real world wasn't all that great, anyway.


Jack Riggs is completely unconcerned with whether or not you pay him any attention. He's there to help you, not the other way around. He's not quite an idealist, but he gives a good shot at giving humanity the credit he can when he gets the chance. Not that he's had much of a one, since his childhood was torn apart a long, long time ago when his family was taken from him by a demon in an as-yet unseen backstory.

Come hell or high water, Jack Riggs will get the job done. His compulsion to help others is his defining trait, and, as far as the Detective is concerned, the manifestation of an overwhelming desire to be needed. Really, it practically threatens his sanity. And, as a good partner, the Detective plans to do his very best to help him with that.


He's 6' in height, with a wiry build and short-cropped brown hair. Jack is also slightly nearsighted, but it isn't severe enough to require him to wear glasses in the field. He uses a battered old canvas gas mask bag to carry his gear, and dresses practically.


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