Not to be confused with Jack Sparrow or Jack Harkness.

Jack is a popular furry webcomic. The title character, Jack, is a giant, green, anthropomorphic rabbit. Because of his sins in life, he now spends his afterlife doing double duty as both the Grim Reaper and the personification of Wrath. Most of the comic takes place in Hell, showcasing the fates and occasional redemptions and rebirths of various characters, including the Seven Deadly Sins, several damned and/or saved souls, a few angels, and Satan (depicted as a blue skunk resembling the author's favoured avatar from his other furry artwork, who draws the events of the comic as they happen in occasional breakages of the Fourth Wall).

Jack and the PPC Edit

Characters from Jack have appeared twice in PPC missions so far, and both have demonstrated knowledge of the PPC. Jack's nemesis Drip Tiberius Rat, the personification of a less funny type of Lust than that usually known to the PPC, was used to dispose of an Evil Stu named Jackson Earl Simon[1] (link NSFW). Laburnum and Foxglove, the agents responsible, got into big trouble because of what Drip does to his victims, but considering that the Stu had done similar things to his own victims, and the fact that the victims were the cute fuzzy animals from the children's movie Over the Hedge, they considered it poetic justice. Jack himself has been seen arguing with the Discworld's Death of Rats over the soul of Zain, a Redwall Generic Beast Stu.[2]

Link Edit

The comic can be found here. Be warned, it often contains extremely squicky and NSFW scenes involving disturbingly cute-looking cartoon animals.

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