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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (oft known simply as Tolkien) is the creator of Middle-earth (or Arda) and its denizens. The Tolkien Fandom revolves around his universe.

As well as the famous Lord of the Rings and associated works, Tolkien also wrote a children's book called Mr Bliss, featuring such innovations as very tall hats and a Gerrabbit.

Tolkien and the PPC[]

The sheer amount of badfic surrounding the Tolkien Fandom marks his works as one of the greatest fixations of Mary Sues known to the PPC. Peter Jackson's movie adaptations of The Lord of the Rings fueled several spikes of a fanfic explosion—the same explosion that Jay and Acacia battled in The Original Series.

He is connected to the Department of Dead Author Electricity Generation, and at times has been credited with powering most of HQ due to spinning in his grave so fast. However, he can be stopped by the simple expedient of having enough 'true' fans around his grave, as the presence of so much Canon Love can put him to rest. This was discovered in 2004 when a group of PPCers visited the grave and inadvertently cut off the power to half of HQ.

He was stopped again in 2006, this time destroying most of the other generators in DoDAEG. This event occurred during the beginning of the Crashing Down emergency.