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Ithalond is a PPC agent in the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Tungsten Monk.

Agent Profile[]


Ithalond is an Elf from the Lord of the Rings continuum, known to have silver hair. Due to abuse suffered in his home 'fic, he lacked his natural hands; he has since been fitted with cyborg replacements.

Much like many nondescribed characters, Ithalond's appearance defaulted to Bishonen Standard. Like most Elves, he is handsome in a somewhat ethereal way, with high cheekbones and a pointed chin. The effect is somewhat offset by the dark circles under his eyes and the constant twitching.


For the most part, Ithalond is timid, twitchy, and easily startled. He shows many traits of post-traumatic stress disorder, including suffering from flashbacks, violent mood swings, and being constantly overwhelmed by an irrational fear of helplessness. He also has an incredible loathing for lavender in any form.

Ithalond was kicked straight out of FicPsych into Agent Suicide's tender care, which meant that he spent most of his first mission babbling in fear. Suicide has since been giving him self-assertiveness training, usually in the form of advice like "Riff, damn it! You won't survive if you don't!" It appears to be slowly taking effect; Ithalond has since shown backbone on several occasions, usually when desecration of the LotR canon is involved. One bout of homicidal rage was so extreme that Suicide was forced to subdue him by hitting him in the face with a Dibbler pie, an experience that further contributed to Ithalond's psychic damage.

He has apparently recovered from the pie incident, with the help of a medication that caused him to speak very bad Dutch.

Agent History[]


Ithalond was originally a minor character in the infamous badfic "Celebrian." The character vanishes from the story with no positive explanation, so Dafydd Illian and Constance Sims took the opportunity to recruit him. They sent him back to HQ, where he was given his artificial hands and joined the DMS. His wife Mithiriel lives in his response center.

PPC Career[]

Ithalond is partnered with Agent Suicide. On his second mission, he was incapacitated by one of Claude Maximilian Overton Transpire Dibbler's meat pies, and the medication he took for it left him speaking Dutch into his third mission.

Agent Timeline[]

  • May 2006 - Recruited by Dafydd and Constance. Joined the DMS.
  • June 2006 - Avoided the Crashing Down situation entirely.

Mission Logs[]


Partnered with Suicide[]