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Agent Isaiah likes legends and heroic characters, but detests Sueroics with a fiery passion. He loathes bad slash, not that this has stopped the Uncommon Comma from assigning those missions. He prefers to write charges on a scroll with a quill pen, favors a grapnel hook in battle, and lusts after many fictional women, though he would rather die than admit it. Isaiah is short and wiry, with strawberry blond hair, brown eyes, and an increasing amount of freckles due to the Caribbean sun. He has a mini-Balrog by the name of Gordor. His flash patch glows in the dark for reasons unknown to him. He is currently seeing Agent Quen, the PPC Secretary in the Department of Personnel.


Agent Isaiah was recruited to the Department of Mary Sues, Pirates of the Caribbean Division, just when the fanfic from the first movie was beginning to reach the 500-story mark on Fanfiction.net. (The number has since climbed near 15,000.) Shortly into his PPCing career, he was accidentally pulled into Agent Mara's mission, after which the Department of Technical Errors was formed.

In January 2005, Isaiah and Mara (along with half the rest of HQ) helped Agents Dafydd Illian and Selene Windflower of DOGA to exorcise Alumia the Woodsprite from Arda. Yes, the whole planet.

Mission Reports[]

Home: The Red Pen Files

An abbreviated list can be found at Miss Cam's site, here.

Partnered with Mara[]