Also known as Just Twenty Two Captain Isabella Pierce, this Sue was featured in a crossover fic that made the unlikely combo of Stargate Atlantis and Lord of the Rings.

Character HistoryEdit

This Sue was a good example of the Overachiever!Sue and the Friend!Sue. She retroactively placed herself as a driving force in all the canon events of Stargate Atlantis up to the point the story was set. She made herself Colonel Sheppard's best friend, in spite of all canon conventions. She was also listed as being a Captain and holding a Master's degree at age twenty-two. Miah and Cali detailed in the mission why these assertions would be ludicrous in the canon setting.

She somehow managed to be traveling with the Fellowship, rescue Théodred from death (and Eomer from banishment), and keep Boromir from dying all without being in two places at once. The thing that really set this Sue apart from the rest is that she is possibly the only recorded Sue that has lusted over Théodred.

Her charge list included things like moving Middle-earth to another galaxy, making Elrond unable to add, repeated Rodney bashing, abusing the great eagles, saving characters from their canon deaths, completely not understanding military protocol, being unrealistically high ranked, being rude to Galadriel, and various other more general charges.

Character DeathEdit

The charging and killing of this Sue was rather rushed, as the world was coming apart at the seams. She was charged, shot, and left for the deletion to take care of her body. Boromir, who had appeared as a ghost after he was saved, thanked the agents and faded out. Théodred was killed by a ceiling beam falling on him as the world disintegrated.

Effects on the PPCEdit

This Sue was responsible for one of the few missions where agents faced deletion.

She also created Ronan the mini-Wraith who lives with Miah and Cali and appears in nearly all of their missions and interludes.



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