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Alk'iod'inrokini is a Chiss agent in the Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species division of the Department of Floaters. She is known by her core name "Iodin" within HQ because most non-Chiss find pronouncing her full name (in the Chiss language, Cheunh) very difficult if not impossible.

Like all Chiss, Iodin has blue skin, blue-black hair and glowing red eyes. When on missions in sci-fi continua, she uses a charric (a combined particle and energy weapon native to Chiss space).

Iodin was one of the first two agents recruited to ESAS from the DMS in 2004, initially partnered with Aegis. Over the years she developed a budding romance with the Noldorin Agent Alagos. In 2008, in the aftermath of the Macrovirus Epidemic, Iodin and Alagos got married, after which the Strangler Fig repartnered Aegis with Riboflavin to allow Iodin and Alagos to be partnered together.