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The blindingly urple armband of a PPC intern cannot be properly represented on a computer screen. This is as close as we could get.

An intern is someone working in a position to gain experience and training rather than doing it as a regular job. It may be with the intent of holding the same job they're training for or a related one in the same field, or it may be just for kicks.

Interns at the PPC are usually students from OFUs who are interested in jobs in the Canon Protection Initiative—that is to say, they got into the OFU for less than absolutely horrific badfic, or they quickly reformed during their stay at the OFU. Some interns may be relegated to fetching coffee, chocolate, and/or Bleepka for the agents they've been assigned to, but others, like Cale Serfe of the Modern Baker Street Fanfiction Academy, have a more Floater-type existence where they are partnered with agents in different departments and assist them on missions. Those more practically trained interns therefore get a good sense of what each department tackles, and are less likely to go into shock after their first full-time mission.

OFU-student interns at the PPC usually end up working for the PPC full-time after graduation, though employment is dependent on their ability to pass their classes. However, it isn't hard to become an agent without going through the internship programme; the bulk of agents don't have the luxury of an internship period.

Interns are not immune to going insane. Intern Hul Choka went mad after the Assimilation Crisis.

Interns are identified by an urple armband. Whether the armband contains a SEP field, or whether the color is actually a form of hazing, is unknown.

In FicPsych, interns are also called nurses' assistants. Especially if the nurses are pleased with them.

Examples of PPC Interns[]