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Inter-Console Electronic Post, usually abbreviated to ICEP or ICE Post is the internal communication system that is maintained at PPC HQ. It is normally accessed through the consoles, but technologically proficient agents have worked out ways of tapping into the network from other devices, with various degrees of success.


ICEP is used to transmit orders from on high, intelligence on badfic awaiting missions, and messages between various agents (and sometimes Flowers).

Normal messages between individual parties are able to be deleted; orders and intel reports remain in the system by default.

When messages arrive at a console, they are typically announced with a [bip] rather than the [BEEP!] that accompanies mission assignments.

Address Formatting[]

Addresses within the system are codified with several parameters: identity, console code, RC number, and department.

This system allows for sending to a whole department, a specific room, a single console, any individuals with the same identity code, or a specific person, allowing for a multitude of uses.

For example, the following address would send to a single person: [smlara.console145890as890903av89988.rc454.DOI] S. M. Lara, who operates from the console with the serial 145890as890903av89988 out of RC 454 for the Department of Intelligence.

A message sent to [jflame] would reach both Agents July and JF.

The following, however, would be receivable to anyone working from this console and RC: [console145890as890903av89988.rc454]. TARDIS ICEP addresses have a 'T' before the serial number, such as [consoleT10984yn482043a3405.tardis1045.DMS].

In comparison, a message sent to the entire Department of Personnel would use the address [DOP] and would probably be filled with undue sarcasm from the Marquis de Sod.


For a list of all known ICEP addresses, see the ICEP Address Book.

  • An ICEP message chain from FicPsych on the topic of therapy kittens appeared here on February 27, 2012.