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Agent India

If you're looking for the nation of India, you are on the wrong Wiki entirely.

Agent India was a member of the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department who died in the 2006 invasion of Headquarters. He was written by Huinesoron.

He was from the Real World and was said to be young for an agent at the time of the Reorganisation.

The Reorganisation[]

Prior to the Reorganisation, India was partnered with Echo. Following her accidental death, he was repartnered with Penny, and they played a small but crucial role in the ousting of the Mysterious Somebody.

Crashing Down[]

During the 2006 attacks on Headquarters, India led a force of DAVD agents, apparently consisting of most of the active department, in an attack on the Black Cats. The DAVDers joined forces with a group from Bad Slash, and engaged Parma Division in battle at the Large Auditorium. This fight was eventually interrupted by the arrival of the Mysterious Somebody, prompting agents and Cats to briefly team up; India ordered the agents to attack the newcomers only to be instantly killed with a blast of Force Lightning, and Serna Tjan was killed soon after when the Mysterious Somebody used the Force to break her neck. He and his Sue army proceeded to mostly wipe out Parma Division, and to cause such heavy casualties among the DAVD agents that the department was nearly shut down. Fortunately, it has since recovered, and is now currently the fourth-largest Action Department.