IndeMaat is responsible for chronicling the missions of agents Allison, Tasmin, Emma and Steve.

IndeMaat started writing PPC missions after reading a Suefic and The Original Series in the same weekend. The Mary Sue from that Suefic was consequently slain by Allison and IndeMaat got a taste for PPCing. Voyagers!, however, was a small fandom and agent Allison was moved to The A-Team and given a partner. Seeing the source of Sues drying up in A-Team fandom as well, IndeMaat started exploring other fandoms, among which MacGyver, Stargate Atlantis and Torchwood.

At the time of this writing, she has written 63 PPC missions, meaning she is one of the most prolific PPC members. The full listing can be found here. (Note: Due to technical issues, not all missions are available yet. Many of IndeMaat's missions can also be found at her livejournal.)

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