Imean Eoxodem is a medication used to cure the Slash Virus.

"After searching through badfics for a cure to the Slash Virus, boarder Malathyne discovered "Imean" -- an interesting liquid the color of wilver. Her friend found a character named Eoxodem. If you take three hairs from Eoxodem and dissolve them in a solution mix of Imean and Anti-Lustin, you get imean eoxodem, an urple-colored anti-body that can be injected into the poor victim.

"Side-effects that the character experiences while the anti-body is fighting off the virus include narcolepsy, vomiting, garbled speech, seeing illusions, and loss of self-control -- which could result in random glomping and snogging. Before treating a victim with imean eoxodem, please take them back to Headquarters and hand them over to whatever infirmary you can get to. In order to decrease the risk of side-effects, feed the victim banana pudding, Strawberries 'n' Creme Frappucino, and chocolate-chip cookie dough.

"The victim should be ready for release in anywhere from two days to a week -- it depends on the strength of the virus. Make sure to inject the imean eoxodem every three days, though, if it takes more than two days for them to recover."


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