Agent Imbolc Telyan was a member of the Department of Finance up until her death during the Reorganisation in 1999 HST. She has since returned to the PPC as a ghost. She is written by Huinesoron.

The Reorganisation Edit

Imbolc was Narto's older sister and was going out with Blue Photon. She was the first person Blue told about his discovery of the Mary Sue Factory and didn't react well when he accused all the Flowers of being potentially corrupt, including the Evermind, of whom Imbolc was very fond. She decided to tell the Evermind about Blue's suspicions, prompting the Flower to investigate the sources of the PPC's income herself. The Bracket Fungus discovered her investigation and had her killed, then framed Blue for the murder.

Imbolc witnessed Blue's arrest at the hands of the DIS. Afterward, Agent Ontic cozied up to her to keep an eye on her and essentially brainwashed her to the point where she could no longer use Blue's name in her own mind, let alone believe he was innocent. However, she eventually came around, and Ontic murdered her in an Escher Room.

Appearances Edit

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