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A spare hand where needed.
—The Igor family slogan.

Igor is an Igor from the Discworld continuum. He works in the Medical Department. It is known that he was recruited from a Discworld Suefic, but what fic it was or when it happened is not.

Like most of his kin, he is a skilled surgeon who may be called upon to reattach limbs, replace organs, and generally make sure all the bits stick together where they ought to. He is a walking advertisement for his abilities: few if any of his own bits and pieces originally belonged to him, and the particularly good ones are likely to have been passed down to him by his forebears as heirlooms. Although definitely an off-putting sight at first glance, one can't help but admire the precision of all those stitches.

As per the Code of Igors, he limps, thpeakth with a lithp, and refers to his superiors as marthter or mithtruth. In his opinion, "they're not proper marthterth, but they're ath clothe ath you get in thith dimenthion."[1]

He has a sarcastic sense of humor and enjoys a challenge. It is unknown for certain if, like his kin back home, he expects his patients to donate their organs upon their deaths.