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Agents Charlotte and Catherine Hust, also known as the Hust twins, are members of the Department of Internal Affairs, and often act as secretaries. They are written by Huinesoron.

Character Profile[]


Charlotte and Catherine are identical twins, and tend to dress that way. They look completely alike, except that Charlotte sports a vivid scar across her cheek, earned during the escape from the Black Cats.



The Hust Twins are first mentioned in the account of the Reorganisation. At that time they were members of the Department of Mary Sues, and were assigned to Nyx Nightingale's team during the battle with the DIS. The team ventured deep into enemy territory, into DIS Central, where they located Blue Photon and Twp'atwt in the cell area. When Blue identified Nyx as a Guard – a member of the DIS – the Twins assisted Alex Orange in arresting her. Their assignment after she was exonerated was to attempt to locate Blue, which they failed to do.

Crashing Down[]

Following the destruction of the DIS and the creation of the DIA to take its place, Charlotte and Catherine transferred to the new department. By 2006, they were firmly in place as secretaries in the DIA. Other than the various outsiders entering HQ at that time, they seem to have been the first to realise that the DIS – now the Black Cats – had returned. They survived the Cats' takeover of DIA Central, and took part in the rest of the fighting, notably killing Joel Weaver near the end of the invasion. At the end of the fighting, they, along with other DIA agents and members of the DES, searched HQ for any surviving Black Cats.