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Hul Choka is a Yuuzhan Vong who worked as an intern with Agents Iskillion-Galuit-Elendil and Tawaki Penguin in the Department of Floaters. After a portal malfuction set off the Assimilation Crisis, he was one of several agents assimilated by the Borg. He was freed from the Collective after the cube responsible was neuralyzed, but the contradiction between the Yuuzhan Vong's hatred of machines and his new cyborg body drove him insane, and he was quarantined. When Iskillion and Tawaki visited him in the Department of Fictional Psychology after the crisis had ended, he threatened to kill them.

By sometime before April 2013, he was able to overcome his species's intense dislike of technology and accept his new life as a cybernetic entity. Deemed "good enough" by the Psychs, he was released, and later passed enough tests to be granted full agent status within the Department of Floaters.

Mission Reports[]

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