The Hostile Hostel is a building that is technically in the Star Wars continuum. It is located on Nar Shaddaa, the "Smuggler's Moon," which orbits the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta. It was created by a typo in a Suefic, in which a Suethor had two Jedi staying at a "run-down hostile." As a result, the building has a rather shabby exterior, and a rather aggressive interior.

Agents Rilwen Shadowflame and Cavan Shenn were most amused when their surroundings acquired fangs, claws, slime, a propensity for making odd growling noises and a tendency for the walls to gnaw upon the furniture. Thus, they contacted HQ to have the building preserved.

It remains a potential holiday destination for agents who'd be bored with more normal surroundings, and a way to execute Sues, as the Hostile Hostel is suspected to have quite an appetite for any hapless Mary Sues brought within its boundaries. A generator has been installed for the Somebody Else's Problem field that keeps canon characters from noticing the building.

It sounds suspiciously like this structure, although there is no known relationship between the two.


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