Not to be confused with her mirror double.

Honesah Hoononee Keemo was a Lord of the Rings Mary Sue with the dubious distinction of being killed twice: once by Agents Jaster and Threnody and once by Agents Fireblade, Keitaro, and Kali.

Character History Edit

Honesah was a pegacorn, a humanoid with wings, a unicorn horn, horizontally-striped hair, and hooves. Her people battled black dragons known as crimps. She ate a memory leaf and forgot who she was. She eventually fell in love with Legolas and had a winged unicorn "colty." She would eventually turn into a cat anthro, but in neither mission did the PPC let her get to that point.

Character Deaths Edit

Jaster mauled her in the form of a warg, and Threnody's cousin Harmony mangled the colty. Fireblade, Keitaro, and Kali fed her to Smaug and adopted the colty, whom they named Rainwing.

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