I see nothing! NOTHING! —Sgt. Schulz

Hogan's Heroes is a US TV comedy show set during World War II. It aired from 1965 to 1971.

The show was set at the fictional "Stalag 13", a German POW camp known for never having had a successful escape. However, this isn't due to German efficiency. The prisoners at the camp remain their of their own choice to work with the Resistance.

Main Characters Edit

Colonel Robert Hogan
American POW. The highest-ranking prisoner, he's also the head of the sabotage/resistance group based at Stalag 13.
Sergeant James Kinchloe
(African-)American POW. Hogan's second in command.
Corporal Peter Newkirk
British POW. He is a skilled pickpocket and safecracker.
Corporal Louis LeBeau
French POW. In addition to his military skills, he is a gourmet chef (LeBeau serving Generic Food is a charge). His cooking is commonly used to bribe guards; he's also cooked dinners for Klink and guests to spy on them.
Sergeant Andrew Carter
American POW. He is the team's explosives expert, but can be naive and careless.
Colonel Wilhelm Klink
German officer, Kommandant of Stalag 13. He genuinely believes his efforts are the reason no one's ever escaped.
Sergeant Hans Schultz
German soldier, head of the Stalag's guards. It's implied that he knows the prisoners are up to something, but see the page quote for his response.
Major Wolfgang Hochstetter
German SS officer and Gestapo agent. He believes Hogan and the other prisoners are behind all the sabotage near Stalag 13, but can never catch them at it.

In Badfic Edit

The first task facing a Suethor in this continuum is to make up a reason for a female (the Sue) to be present in an all-male prison camp. This normally results in an easy charge for whichever assassin is assigned to the fic.

While the PPC hasn't sent any Bad Slash agents into this continuum to date, there is slash fiction being written. Newkirk/Carter seems to be a common pairing.

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