Hobbits are one of the races of Free Peoples in J.R.R. Tolkien's Arda. They stand about half human height, only the few tallest ever exceeding four feet, and tend towards chubbiness. They are all solidly built and rather hairy, particularly noted for their hairy feet. Hobbits always go barefoot, with the exception of some of the Brandybucks, who wear boots in extremely bad weather. Most have brown, curly hair, though blond hair became commoner after the War of the Ring.

Most hobbits live in or near the Shire. They are noted for their excellent aim when throwing or using a sling and their quietness of tread. They are principally agricultural, though they have some artisans. Hobbits enjoy their food and drink, as often as they can get it, many enjoy smoking an herb called pipe-weed and stolidity of attitude as well as stature is valued. A few hobbits, notably Bilbo Baggins, his relative Frodo Baggins, and Frodo's companions Merry, Pippin, and Sam went on great adventures.

Hobbit Mary Sues are common, as the four hobbits of the Fellowship are extremely popular. Despite the racial traits listed above, they tend to be willowy, adventurous, and non-hairy.

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