Don't adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story.
Bilbo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

This is a very brief history of the PPC, Real World and in-universe, designed to hopefully make it easier for people to find things in order. If something is missing, please add it. If something is not explained, please fix it.

There is no Part Two. Part Two is created every day by you, the PPC Boarders.

Pre-2002: The Mists of Time Edit

The 1970s Edit

The Civil War Edit

The 1980s Edit

The Cascade Edit

The 1990s Edit

1992 - Lofty Skies Edit

Unknown - Invasion of Enterprise Models Edit

1999 - The Reorganisation Edit

2001-2003: A Time of Legend Edit

2001 Edit

19 December - Release of The Fellowship of the Ring in Theaters Edit

This, the first in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, started an event sometimes called the Badfic Explosion. This caused many changes in the PPC. Such as the thing being invented in the first place.

2002 Edit

The Original Series Edit

In early 2002, Jay Thorntree was partnered with Acacia Byrd in the Department of Mary-Sues. They became famous for having the largest body of missions ever recorded at the time. Unfortunately, Acacia retired in mid-2003 for sanity reasons, and Jay soon followed.

18 December - Release of The Two Towers in Theaters Edit

The second Lord of the Rings film is seen by millions of Suethors. Tolkien purists cry in public. The Badfic Explosion continues.

2003 Edit

Early year - The Invention of Bleeprin Edit

At the Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy, with the help of the mini-Aragogs, Meir Brin and TZA came up with Bleeprin, quite possibly the most revolutionary substance ever to hit the PPC. It is due to the introduction of Bleeprin and its derivatives that the Geranium left his position as the Head of Fictional Psychology, leaving the Kudzu Vine in charge. This is also the approximate time that FicPsych began handling agent care as well as canon care.

12 March - The Founding of the PPC Posting Board Edit

Mid year - Tangled Webs Edit

Mid year - Acacia and Jay Retire Edit

November - the 2003 Mary Sue Invasion Edit

17 December - Release of The Return of the King in Theaters Edit

The final installment of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy is seen by millions of Suethors. The Badfic Explosion fails to die down.

2004-2019: The First Age of the Board Edit

2004 Edit

The Oxford 2004 PPC Gathering Edit

This was the first-ever PPC Gathering, notable for being in Oxford, the site of J.R.R. Tolkien's grave. The Gathering's visit to Tolkien's grave caused a bit of a problem for HQ when their Canon Love caused him to stop spinning in it.

2005 Edit

Spring - the Alumia exorcism Edit

2006 Edit

Early year - The Les Misérables Songfic Crisis Edit

Summer - The Chicago 2006 PPC Gathering Edit

Three renegade Boarders gave the DES a helluva time chasing them through Earth's history. Or maybe it was just the Natural History Museum. Either way.

June - Crashing Down Edit

See also 2006 Power Cut

December - The Assimilation Crisis Edit

2007 Edit

10 April - The Bath 2007 PPC Gathering Edit

2008 Edit

12 March - The 5th Anniversary of the Board Edit

12 March - The Macrovirus Epidemic Edit

April - The Wellington 2008 PPC Gathering Edit

17 April - The 2008 Mary Sue Invasion Edit

14 June - The York 2008 PPC Gathering Edit

July - The Robecca Exorcism Edit

August-September - The 2008 Ypur Invasions Edit

2009 Edit

31 January - The 2009 Gender Bender Crisis Edit

9 May - The Bath 2009 PPC Gathering Edit

21-28 July - The San Diego 2009 PPC Gathering Edit

5 September - The Leeds 2009 PPC Gathering Edit

2010 Edit

7 September - The Chicago 2010 PPC Gathering Edit

2011 Edit

24- 31 July - The 2011 Poison Joke Incident Edit

2013 Edit

12 March - The 10th Anniversary of the Board Edit

1-4 April - The Blackout Event Edit

For April Fool's Day 2013, Huinesoron edited the Board's code so that it would appear white on black instead of the usual black on white, with a note at the top about how the Board seemed to have blacked out. This escalated into a series of stories about a power outage in Headquarters, starting with Lily Winterwood's story "Plotholes and Meatloaf and Angels, Oh My!"

November - The Wiki Plagiarism Incident Edit

On 16 November, Neshomeh stumbled across the Fanfiction Canon Assistry Wiki, created by former PPCers AelinTheAmazing and AddiePenguin, which had many articles bearing a striking resemblance to PPC Wiki articles. A second, very similar wiki by the same authors, Plot Protection Society Wiki, later came to light. Both were determined to be outright plagiarized upon further investigation, which revealed not only stolen PPC Wiki articles, but a plagiarized version of Jay and Acacia's first mission, "Rambling Band." In addition, they had taken articles from the Anti-Cliche and Mary Sue Elimination Society Wiki and the text of "Redwall Defense Guide," a fanfiction by Toboe LoneWolf.
Attempts by Ekyl to contact AelinTheAmazing and AddiePenguin proved fruitless. Neshomeh petitioned Wikia Support with this information and a thorough index of over 60 plagiarized articles, and both the Fanfiction Canon Assistry and Plot Protection Society Wikis were deleted on 25 November.

2015 Edit

30 August-16 October - the 2015 Body-Swap Event Edit

2018 Edit

12 March - The 15th Anniversary of the Board Edit

2019 Edit

The Ten Years Hence of 2009 Edit

October - YourWebApps shuts down Edit

This month, the Board will find a new home. Details TBD.

2020-? - The Second Age of the Board Edit

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