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The Hippie Sequoia is the head of the Star Trek Division of the Department of Mary Sues, possibly making her the head of the first DMS division, though this is not known for sure. Ella Darcy's account makes her the head of the Department of Star Trek as of 1999, suggesting an alternative history, though it is possible that Ella had "department" and "division" confused. That happens a lot.

The Hippie Sequoia is unique among the Plants in that she uses a personal name, Rain, at least some of the time. She wears tie-dye in honor of a group of activists who saved her from being cut down. She is fond of stars and the 1960s, which is why she accepted her current position given the choice between Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, and anime.

Rain speaks slowly and softly, and is very laid-back and unhasty as compared with her peers. She may also enjoy marijuana smoke, though the questions of precisely how she partakes and whether or not doing so constitutes cannibalism are mind-boggling at best.


  • "Awakening"
    • The Hippie Sequoia gives an account of her early memories and her assignment to the Star Trek Division.