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Himrod is a former agent who served from 1994 to 2007 HST, and briefly came out of retirement in 2010 HST to assist Cara Fielding and Miriam Collins.

Agent Profile[]


Like most Elves, Himrod is tall and slender in build. He has long, dark brown hair, and grey eyes. While he wore the typical black when in the PPC, he's taken to greens and browns since he returned to the Tolkienverse.


Himrod was recruited in 1994 HST, when he stumbled through a plothole shortly after the War of the Last Alliance. While the exact details of his PPC career are mostly unknown, he can be assumed to have been present for the Reorganisation and most or all other Emergencies and major events (such as the 2003 Mary Sue Invasion, Alumia exorcism, Black Cats' invasion, etc.) that occurred before his retirement in September 2007. He is known to have made at least one unsuccessful attempt to transfer to Medical, and seemed familiar with the methods of several departments, particularly the Departments of Mary Sues and Bad Slash. In March 2010, he helped two assassins kill a Legolas-Stu and exorcise Thranduil, but turned down an offer to return to HQ due to feeling that he wasn't ready to come out of retirement. Despite this, he seemed reluctant and sent his regards to the Sunflower Official, possibly indicating a fondness for PPC work or at least the head of the DMS.

At some later point, he appeared again to assist in killing the previous fic's sequel, though he was much less happy to be involved in those proceedings. It isn't known if he was offered the chance to return to the PPC a second time. These appearances were involuntary on his part; having retired to the Woodland Realm to work as a healer, he was accidentally dragged into the badfics in question to fill the role of an elf medic who, in the first fic, seemed suspiciously aware of just how OOC Legolas was.