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Hermione Granger is very smart, and she does things like this. Notice the lack of fishnets, belly shirt, or promiscuous behavior.

Hermione Granger is one of the main characters of J.K. Rowling's seven-novel Harry Potter series. She is the best friend of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, and a fellow Gryffindor. She has bushy brown hair and somewhat over-sized front teeth (until she has them fixed).

Like many women and girls in the fandom, many PPC agents relate to Hermione, and are thus protective of her.

In Canon

When Harry and Ron first meet Hermione on the Hogwarts Express, they think she's a bookish know-it-all and, as movie!Ron says, a bit mental. However, later in the year they come to recognise her as a good friend. Hermione is extremely intelligent and a gifted witch. Though she does get on her friends' nerves quoting Hogwarts: A History at them, she is more than just book-learned. She is in Gryffindor because of her ability to think in the face of tense situations, her passion for the things she cares about, and her loyalty to her friends.


Hermione is canonically involved with Ron Weasley, though they take their time to come to the point – eventually marrying. In her fourth year at Hogwarts, she has a crush on Victor Krum and goes with him to the Yule Ball. They become friends and pen-pals, but never truly 'date'.

In Fanfiction

Many young women who write fanfiction relate to Hermione Granger. She is intelligent and clever, somewhat of a loner when not associated with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, and passionate in supporting others (even if they don't want it, such as in the case of S.P.E.W.) even in the line of fire.

Hence, she becomes possessed by Sue-wraiths on an alarming basis as badficcer after badficcer use her for their own ends. It is alarmingly common for Hermione to get a makeover over the summer and come back to school with sleek hair, perfect teeth, and a yuppie mall-rat wardrobe. When she dons the above-mentioned fishnets and becomes promiscuous, she is known as Ho!Mione.

In original-character Suefic, Hermione may be seen as competition to the Sue and characterized as nothing more than a know-it-all snob for the Sue to show up as the true strong female character in the story, especially if the Sue is in Slytherin. Alternatively, she may be cast as one of the Sue's best friends and may turn into a giggling, gossiping girly-girl, or she may simply be relegated to a bit role as part of the two-headed beast Ron-and-Hermione or the three-headed Golden Trio.

Her name is somewhat exotic and difficult to spell for some, so many mini-Aragogs can be expected out of badfic that features her.


Although she has a canonical paring, she is paired in fanfiction with nearly everybody in the Harry Potter universe, from Harry Potter to Voldemort, and on to even squickier pairings. Much of bad romance in the Harry Potter section is at the hands of a possessed Hermione.

As of 2020, the canonical Ron/Hermione ('Romione' or 'Heron') is her second-most written pairing, returning a combined 15,400 hits between Fanfiction.net (2.6k) and AO3 (12.8k). Harry/Hermione ('Harmony') trails it by a lot at a combined 6,600 hits, although the pairing is slightly more popular than Ron/Hermione on FF.net (2.7k). It must be noted that the numbers don't tell us how many of the Romione fics make Ron, a frequent target of character-bashing, into an abusive jerk to prove that Hermione ought to be with Harry (or someone else). Shipping wars over which is better, once rampant and vicious, still quietly smolder.

However, both are surpassed by Draco/Hermione ('Dramione') with a combined 18,100 hits, despite the fact that Draco reviles Hermione as a Muggle-born throughout their school years together. Much Dramione fic is badfic, flying in the face of everything we know about these characters from the books, but with the proper application of spellcheck and canon details, it can also be written well, and goodfic is becoming easier to find as the fandom matures.

A not-so-honorable mention goes to Snape/Hermione ('Snamione'), pulling a combined 6,500 hits. Although there are several massive hurdles of implausibility in this pairing, such as the fact that Hermione is underaged and that Snape has zero respect for her in canon, the temptation to put two clever oddballs together is understandable. If the hurdles are overcome, it is possible to write a good story about them.

While Hermione slash parings are much less popular than het, Hermione/Ginny slash pulls a combined 853 hits, and Hermione/Luna has a combined 543. Both pairings have seen their share of badfic and goodfic.

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