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Henry Asclepe is an agent in the Department of Floaters. He is written by James Shields

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ID courtesy of Neshomeh

Agent Profile[]


He has a muscular build, short dark brown hair, and light brown eyes. He is also always seen wearing identical red and gold plain robes.


Henry has an uncanny ability to make a funny comment and cheer people up no matter how dark things get. He's dedicated to keeping his friends safe no matter what.

However, he can also be somewhat hot-headed and a little too eager to confront Warrior Sues. Additionally, he can be very blunt when speaking, and tends to put his foot in his mouth often. He tends to want to get the mission over with as efficiently as possible, which may also tie in with his eagerness to do battle with and creatively assassinate Warrior Sues/Stus.

In his free time, Henry enjoys reading joke books and practicing various sports, preferably Quidditch, but he will also practice Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich when the former is not possible.


Since he came from an unpublished fic, not much is known about what his past was (supposed to be) like. What we do know is that Henry comes from a long line of Healers and he naturally followed the family tradition and had already started Healer training, and at some point played Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He fell through a plothole to HQ when his author's latest attempt at writing a fic for him got deleted.


Henry has a naturally athletic build, and especially noticeable muscles from being a Beater for some years. He prefers to use large, broad weapons such as a Beater's bat or a two-handed sword.

Appropriately, Henry specializes in healing magic and charms. This makes casting "traditional" offensive spells that much harder, but he's used the spells he does know in unusual combinations before.

Mission Logs[]

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