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Helen Still Bellisario is one of four foster children that Agent Cali Still rescued on April 8, 2010, from an NCIS badfic that required fire bombing to overcome the glitter overload. The Nurses finally decided that she is about nine months old. Cali chose her name, as she was unnamed in the fic.


Helen at 9 months.

Helen has grown into a slightly chubby toddler. She has mid-tone Caucasian skin coloring, baby soft blond hair, blue eyes, and quite a few teeth. A typical outfit is soft pants and a play shirt, a bow in her hair, and soft shoes.


Helen seems to be pretty patient for an infant. She is a little behind in her socialization skills, as she was frequently ignored completely for long periods by the Suefluenced foster parents. She can sit up on her own, but isn't crawling yet.

Participation in PPC Activities[]

Helen had a brief cameo in the April 2010 water fight, but the Nurses in Medical agreed to keep her until it was drier in the halls, so she missed most of it.

She attended Henry Robinson's second birthday party on February 5, 2011.