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Hedda Cruz is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues (DMS). She is written by Jean Yeap.

Agent Profile[]


Hedda has close-cropped blonde hair and icy blue eyes. She is almost frighteningly pale, probably due to the fact that she is usually wrapped up in a colourful assortment of winter gear. She is of average height for an American teenager.


As the Designated Bastard of a self-insert badfic, Hedda was rough, careless, and downright nasty to anyone she didn't like. Since her recruitment, however, she is using that energy to add sarcastic commentary to badfic and mutter mutinously under her breath at people she doesn't like.

However, Hedda does have a soft spot for people she likes, the number of which seems to be less than five. She is not above pushing even those people out of the way to get what she wants, usually at detriment to her own and others' feelings (we all have a conscience somewhere, amirite?); a trait she is trying her hardest to unlearn. 

Not a lot fazes Hedda, but she is particularly twitchy around Sues with uncanonical element-bending powers. She has also shown a low tolerance for squick and transparent floating objects.

Agent History[]

Pre-PPC and Recruitment[]

Hedda was recruited from a Percy Jackson and the Olympians badfic. Suefluence, which was particularly effective on someone without a personality, made sure she bullied and harassed anyone she liked without consequence (see: Designated Bastard), but that was put to an end when the Goddess!Sue of the fic discovered about her element-bending powers. The Sue used her ice powers to put a curse on Hedda, which froze her soul over and is now drastically shortening her lifespan.

After being rescued by the agents that were sent into the fic, the curse has slowed down due to lack of Suefluence, but it still remains a ticking time bomb and a sensitive topic for Hedda.

Instead of trying to outrun her death sentence, she dedicated all her remaining time to ridding the multiverse of the very creatures that had doomed her. This has contributed to her fatalistic worldview and lack of fear for death.

PPC career[]

Hedda was almost immediately sent to the Department of Mary Sues and partnered with Ghost, who was, incidentally, a transparent floating object. Besides a few pieces of furniture thrown, both of them settled down in RC 212.


April 2020[]

  • Arrives in HQ.
  • Partnered with Ghost.

June 2020[]

  • Their first mission together.
  • Has a falling-out with Ghost.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Ghost[]