Heavy Rain Box Art

The European box art of the game.

Heavy Rain is a film noir-style thriller video game that was developed by David Cage and Quantic Dream. It was released for the PS3 in February 2010.

The game is about the Origami Killer, a highly publicized serial killer who drowns young boys and leaves an orchid and an origami figure with the body of each child that is found. It concerns four playable characters: Ethan Mars, a father whose son has disappeared and may become the Origami Killer's next victim; Madison Paige, a mysterious young woman who becomes involved in the case through interactions with Ethan; Norman Jayden, an FBI agent who is called to the case by the city's police department to help stop the murders; and Scott Shelby, a private investigator who is looking into the murders as well.

And from there, it gets tough to summarize, because the game is known primarily for being heavily story-driven, to the point that it has no game over screen. Almost every scenario that occurs in the game can have a wildly different outcome depending on how each section is played, and these outcomes are not limited to the deaths of your player characters. Thus, the story can be different for every player, and every action (or inaction) that the player takes moves the plot forward.

It has a love it or hate it vibe, as it has its fair share of fans and haters.

Heavy Rain and the PPCEdit

Heavy Rain fanfic tends to come in a wide variety of topics, even if the amount of it is small.

The continuum has a surprisingly large amount of slash fanfics, given that Norman Jayden has a rivalry with Carter Blake, his assigned partner in the case. Slashfic concerns these two almost exclusively, and it outweighs every other kind of fanfic that can be found in the continuum.

Other fanfiction in the continuum can include alternate universe fanfics where someone else is the Origami Killer or one of the characters does something not done in the game, character studies based around the game's characters, and fanfiction where another group of characters gets pulled into a completely separate storyline filled with intrigue surrounding a serial killer.

Minis in the continuum are known to manifest as origami figures.

Missions in this ContinuumEdit

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