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Heather is a member of the Medical Department. She was recruited as a small child by Osbert and grew up in the PPC, going into Medical just as soon as she was old enough. This has given her a rather cynical view of the Action agents, but she is completely devoted to her work.

She is written by Cassie, who requests that you ask before borrowing her.

Character Profile[]


Heather is about average height, with pale grey eyes and very fair, long blonde hair that she usually wears in one or two braids to keep it out of the way. She has a distinct look of the Rohirrim about her — unsurprising, as her origin was a small Rohirric village. She's usually found in loose, comfortable clothes and flat shoes, with a doctor's coat thrown over the top.


She is a very caring woman, with a real love for her job, and she has developed a lot of pride in it. This side of her is often overshadowed, however, by the weary sarcasm she displays whenever she sees another patient who's managed to wind up creatively injured. She also takes no nonsense from anyone, and has cultivated a Look specifically to silence anyone trying to argue with her about their treatment. Despite all that, she does have a good sense of humour. She rather enjoys working with natives of her home continuum, for a given value of "enjoys."

She has a soft spot for Osbert, who more or less raised her when she was younger, and insists on making sure he's in good health. He and her co-workers are the few people she really shows her soft side around.