Hears All Dragons, often abbreviated to HAD, is a fandom term for the ability of some Pernverse characters to listen in on the telepathic Pernese dragons, whether they are mentally bonded with them or not. In canon, it is a very rare ability, held by only a few people in any given era. In the Ninth Pass, there are three confirmed HADs: Lessa, Brekke, and Aramina. Historically, only three others are noted: Sorka (the first Weyrwoman), Torene, and Moreta. It is worth mentioning that all of them are women and all except for Aramina are goldriders.

In special cases, such as that of Masterharper Robinton, the dragons may decide to speak to someone who is not their rider, or even a rider at all, out of sheer respect, but that does not make the person a HAD. Robinton can't listen in on purpose or by accident; the dragons must make themselves heard.

In Fanfic Edit

If an original character has this ability in a fanfic, especially set in the Ninth Pass, it is probably a charge. It's supposed to be, you know, rare, and yet every other Pern Sue seems to have it.

The following Pern missions have contained HAD OCs:

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