Hawthorne Agamemnon Morgan is an agent in the Department of Implausible Crossovers. He is written by Adagio.

Agent Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hawthorne is a tall, pale Elf (likely Noldor) with amber-colored eyes. His hair is long and dark brown, although certain lighting will reveal it to be filled with lighter reddish streaks. Generally, Hawthorne appears well-dressed and maintained.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shy and nervous, Hawthorne isn't quite used to the fact that a) he's a fictional character and b) that he's a weak imitation of another fictional character. Despite his recruitment and renaming, he still has a tendency to introduce himself as "Maglor Feanorian." In denial about the fact that his former Lust Object was a Mary Sue and therefore killed, he remains convinced that he will eventually run into her again. Hawthorne is a very talented singer and musician.

Agent History[edit | edit source]

Hawthorne began life in a Silmarillion badfic as Maglor Fëanorian, a replacement of the second son of Fëanor and Lust Object of a Mary Sue named Anduril. When the Mary Sue was killed, Agents Tirsaer and Ryni decided to recruit the replacement instead of killing him. They renamed him Hawthorne (after a song) Agamemnon (because it's fun to say) Morgan (because Ryni always liked the name), and he was assigned to the Department of Implausible Crossovers as the partner of Agent Key.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • November 2008 - recruited by Agents Tirsaer and Ryni, assigned to the Department of Implausible Crossovers

Mission Reports[edit | edit source]

Home: Response Center #9843

Recruitment[edit | edit source]

Partnered with Key[edit | edit source]

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