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Hannah Still Bellisario is one of four foster children that Agent Cali Still rescued on April 8, 2010, from an NCIS badfic that required fire bombing to overcome the glitter overload. The Nurses guessed that she is about nine years old.


Hannah is tall and thin, and has very dark skin, tightly braided hair, big brown eyes, and a sweet smile. Her typical clothing consists of a green t-shirt, green sneakers, blue jean overalls, and had a green bow in her hair high above one ear.


Hannah is rather responsible for her age, and will try to mother the younger children in the Nursery. The Nursery workers are encouraging her to enjoy her time as a child. She is quick to defend others, especially if they are being picked on for being different. When she thought Cali was a new foster child in the home, she stopped Kevin and Kyle making fun of his wild blue hair, and she has continued this type of behavior in the Nursery. She can be quite mischievous, though in a much quieter manner than Kyle, which means she usually doesn't get caught.

Participation in PPC Activities

She participated in the April 2010 water fight that broke out in HQ, by helping Cali track down Kyle and Kevin. She proved to be a good shot and to have very well developed survival instincts, which resulted in her staying much drier and freer of paint than Cali.

She attended Henry Robinson's second birthday party on February 5, 2011.


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