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Halley (full name Hallencia Holdoyen) is a PPC agent. She is best known for her time spent as partner to Talia Nightsong in both the Department of Mary Sues and the Bad Role-play Department. Much of her published material is now missing.

Agent Profile[]


Halley has very short hair, dyed blonde,[1] and does not consider herself especially pretty, comparing herself to the large number of former Sues in HQ.[2] Her former partner disagrees, believing she could easily attract someone if she put any effort into it.[2]


Halley is obsessed with technology, but continuously breaks it. One reason for her successful partnership with Talia is that Talia is generally capable of fixing or rebuilding anything Halley breaks.[3] They tend to get along, despite Talia's bad attitude early on, and Halley's feelings of inadequacy compared to Talia.[4] She seems to have a tendency to compare herself to others, leading to her becoming a bit socially withdrawn.[2]

Halley is easily riled up by badfics. The console she shared with Talia had a tendency to receive missions from other departments, and Halley had a tendency to take them anyway, leaving immediately, even without either partner available.[5][6][7] On at least one occasion, Talia had to enter the fic mid-mission to rescue Halley.[8] Halley dislikes doing exorcisms, as they leave her in a mental state similar to being hungover.[9] Despite these quirks, she has been described as having a better attitude than Talia in general.[10]

She adopted the mini-Balrog Farmir, but as of the most recent known materials, Farmir has remained with Talia and Celborn since Halley's return to HQ.

Agent History[]


Hallencia was a teenager living in the Shades when she was rescued from a Discworld x The Lord of the Rings crossover featuring an evil!Sam Vimes. She awoke in the Department of Fictional Psychology to find her hands restrained by electronic binders from Star Wars. Hallencia instantly became enamored with the shiny technology, and then instantly and accidentally deactivated them with a touch. She escaped FicPsych and wandered Headquarters for some time, breaking equipment as she went. She was finally apprehended in the Cafeteria.[1]

Hallencia was brought to the Sunflower Official, who offered to return her to the Shades of the canon Discworld; she refused, preferring to stay in HQ due to all the wondrous machines. (And also because it wasn't the Shades.) She shortened her name to "Halley" to distance herself from her past life. Halley then entered the DMS.[11]


It is unknown when Halley was first partnered with Talia, or when they were transferred to the BRD, as most records from this time period have been lost. Archer joined their RC as an agent-in-training during their stint in the BRD together, but moved out after receiving his own partner and RC.

After breaking one piece of tech too many, Halley was sent on "vacation," although there is a discrepancy about where she went. In Talia's journal, she reported that "Halley's gone on leave for a few weeks. She's gone back home."[12] However, Halley did not return to HQ for about four months, and apparently had spent most of that time not in the Shades, but in The Dark Tower, being trained by Cort and tracking and assassinating a Mary Sue.[13] (This unfortunately caused her to miss Talia's wedding.) She returned with an extra pair of Roland's sacred revolvers, copied by the Sue, and is able to disassemble and reassemble them to clean them. (This is a marked improvement in her relations with things with moving parts.) She also returned using speech patterns of the characters from the novels.

She is no longer partnered with Talia, nor is she in the BRD. She is in the Freelance Division of an unnamed department. She was last seen pursuing a romance with DCPS agent Eohric.[14]

Mission Reports[]

Sadly, the BRD site was lost with GeoCities. One of Talia and Halley's DMS missions remains, as well as both agents' character journals.


Partnered with Talia[]

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