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Gypsy is an agent in the Bad Het division of the Department of Bad Slash. She was written by Trojanhorse.


Gypsy is of average height, rather weatherbeaten and with a few scars she tends not to talk about the origin of. Her hair is extremely naturally red (though to her consternation it has started going grey at the temples), her eyes are grey and she has freckles.


Gypsy's mental state flips between being stoic and unflappable, and being unpredictably violent. She is extremely trigger-happy and her shotgun never leaves her side. Being a native of the Fireflyverse, she speaks fluent Chinese. In deference to the fact that most of her colleagues don't, she tends to restrict her usage of this language to profanities and other epithets. Generally, a good indicator of how angry Gypsy is is how incomprehensible she is.


Agent Gypsy started off as an Assassin in the Fireflyverse, her home continuum, but due to the lack of Firefly Sues so far and her lack of a partner in this continuum, she was transferred in 2008 HST to the newly formed Division of Bad Het of the Department of Bad Slash. She is usually to be found hanging out with the Department of Angst agents in her spare time. She is highly suspicious of her partner, Agent Katie Cray, whom she is convinced is trying to kill her. This is interesting, because Cray is likewise convinced that Gypsy is trying to kill HER.

Gypsy was very much NOT in favour of Unification. Her only known lust object, if the term can be applied to an inanimate object, is the spaceship Serenity. Anyone commenting on this will find themselves with the barrels of her trusty mare's-leg sawn-off shotgun in their gut. They are advised to weasel their way out of this situation, as being shot often offends.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Centre #45

In the DMS[]

Partnered with Katie Cray[]