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Gwen was a cook in the Cafeteria's kitchen. She was written by Hawkelf.

Character Profile[]

Gwen is short and heavy at five foot four and one hundred fifty pounds.[1] Her hair is short, spiky, and blue, but otherwise she appears to be an average young human at first glance.[2] However, she is actually a werehawk. Her alternate form is a red-tailed hawk, slightly larger than average.[1]

She speaks with a pronounced Scottish accent, and also writes in it. She can type without it, but prefers not to on account of her speech patterns looking even weirder without the odd spelling and apostrophes.[3]

She considers Lupeias and Sanguine to be her pack, though she allows that the concept of a hawk having a pack is a bit odd.[3]

Character History[]

Gwen is originally from Scotland. She was born Caoimhe Scott in 1602 and turned into a werehawk between the ages of fifteen and twenty.[1]

It's unclear when she joined the PPC, but she worked in the kitchens with M'rrahr (despite her protests that she didn't need a kitchen cat).[2] She had quit as of September 19, 2005,[4] when her estranged husband was killed and she found herself saddled with three of her brother's young descendents to raise and a chain of supernatural-catering bars to look after.[1]



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